Jon P. Speckman

President and CEO of ADATC, Inc. 

Jon is a professional trainer, consultant, and clinician. He holds a master's degree in Management and is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. He has 40+ years of professional experience in the field of substance abuse, including serving as the director for detox and mental health facilities in the Southeast. 

Jon has served as both a member and the chairman of the original North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Certification Board.

For the last 25 years, Jon has specialized in the development and execution of workplace programs for DOT and non-DOT regulated organizations, helping people who are employed stay employed and helping their employer organizations help them. 

Over the past 30 years, Jon has worked with hundreds of organizations to institute and maintain effective substance abuse testing programs as well as employee assistance programs and services. He advises state and national government organizations on workplace testing issues, DOT employer compliance, including work with the National Alliance of Model State Drug Laws where he served as their testing and employee assistance service administrator.

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