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DOT COVID-19 Drug & Alcohol Testing Statement of Enforcement Discretion for Substance Abuse Professionals and Service Agents

If your training has expired or is close to expiration DOT extends the renewal date to 12/31/2020.

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ADATC provides training and certification for employees, administrators, and service agents, including:

- Administrators/DERs
- Breath Alcohol Technicians & Trainers
- Certified Specimen Collectors & Trainers
- NRCME- Medical Examiners 
- Saliva Testing Tech
- Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)
- Supervisor Training


ADATC provides testing services, including:

- SAMHSA Certified Laboratory
- Next day negative results
- 24/7/365 Emergency Support
- Mobile Drug Testing and 'On-Site' Services
- Paperless Testing & Reporting    
- Statistical Reporting
- Random Consortium Testing

Policy & Consulting

ADATC can help your organization develop comprehensive, individualized company drug testing policies and procedures, approved for each state in which the company operates.

Policy preparation includes:
- Conferring with top management to set policy objectives
- A written, company-specific Drug-Free Workplace policy
- Preparation for attorney review  prior to implementation
- Preparation of the drug program announcement letter
- SOPs for use in carrying out the corporate policy
- Complete documentation for the program

We also offer specialized consultation for:
- Specific employee & supervisory situations
- Location of and referral for ancillary professional services
- Audits of DOT and non-DOT programs
- Management of company programs

Employee Assistance Services (EAS)

HEART EAS provides employers access to a structured program for addressing employee personal situations that affect performance in the workplace. Any employee, regardless of position, may need help addressing personal problems that distract from work.

Heart EAS provides traditional employee assistance services by assisting affected employees and families to obtain the professional help they need.

All clinical services provided are through fully certified professionals in the field of specialty required. We help employers help their employees without getting involved in individuals' personal lives or issues.

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